Resort Bailout

Have you…

Paid up-front listing fees with agents or brokers only to find out they never sold your timeshare?
Paid another “special assessment” and just want out?
Not or rarely used your timeshare?

                                                            Are You…

Fed up with rising maintenance costs? 
Stuck in a legally binding contract that you can not get out of?
Sick of listing companies taking your money with nothing to show for it
Looking to get out of your timeshare immediately?
Contact Us Today!

Tel: 860-770-6399
Fax: 860-904-6166
Mailing Address: 87 Church St. Suite #204
East Hartford, CT 06108

What we do.

Resort Bailout is a company that helps free timeshare owners from the burden of their timeshare. We are individuals who are veterans of the industry and want to use our knowledge and skills to help other timeshare owners rid themselves of that financial strain.

How it works

Call us TODAY and an agent will be in contact with you as soon as possible.
Once qualified, we will guide you through and prepare any and all necessary documentation to transfer the timeshare out of your name and into ours.