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ResortBailout.com Transfer firm launches new Corporate Website

ResortBailout.com Transfer firm launches new site

New corporate page Resort-Holdings.com Live audio testimonials added to our web pages. We updated our site due to the popularity and amount of visitors. We are the most cost effective company with the best credentials in our industry.



Transfer Firm Launches New Site

The transfer company, Resort Holdings, has redesigned and launched the website of www.resortbailout.com & added a new corporate page www.Resort-Holdings.com recently, and is happy to announce the new look. While the firm is busy helping the thousands of helpless timeshare owners to get out from under the burden of timeshare ownership, they knew that a redesign of the site was needed. First launched in 2010, the site was suffering from some lack of navigability for the viewers. Bandwidth was increased also, as the site had slowed down from so many viewers logging in to the site in recent months.

Timeshare ownership has become a real burden for many owners. In fact, as time goes on, people change their vacation habits, and see a real need to be rid of the financial burden of owning a timeshare. Some owners of timeshares have tried in vain to list their properties with agencies, only to discover that there simply is no market for timeshares at any price. While they don’t want to use the timeshare any longer, they certainly do not wish to abandon it either.

Most timeshare owners already own the full equity in the timeshare. They know that abandoning the timeshare would cause complete loss of any possible equity, and create a pending battle of litigation to protect their credit rating and avoid bankruptcy; simply not worth the risk to most owners. While other agencies may ask for an up-front, non-refundable listing fee, and promise a quick and profitable sale, it is almost always not true; the owner simply loses the money.

When one visits the website, there are posted there, several audio testimonials from previous users of the service provided by Resort Holdings. These testimonials are available for anyone to review. What is important to note, is that these are recorded over a phone call. It shows that the sellers are located all over the country, and they do not need, at all, to be located near the offices of Resort Holdings. The FAQ’s located on the site answer many questions for the reader, and should be reviewed. Most importantly, the site discloses that this is an instant and permanent solution, as the title is transferred right away, and the owner is relieved of all financial and legal liability quickly.

The company may be reached by interested parties at their corporate website
www.resort-holdings.com, their program page www.ResortBailout.com on Twitter at @resortsbailout

Their offices are located at 87 church st. suite 204. EAST Hartford CT, 06108.

They also have a blog www.resortbailout.info and will be having the annual April Timeshare Brunch to reeducate timeshare owners on the pit falls of ownership.